Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can I get a divorce if I cannot find my husband or wife? By Brooklyn Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

I am a Brooklyn Uncontested Divorce Attorney and I specialize in Divorce by Publication. Many people wonder if they can get a divorce if they cannot find their spouse or if they can get a No Signature Required Divorce.

The law says a person can only obtain a divorce if the spouse is served with Notice of the divorce. This can be accomplished by Service of a Summons and Verified Complaint or via service by an alternative method, which is generally via Publication if a spouse cannot be found and as such is unable to be served. If your spouse is served, then you must present an Affidavit of Service to the Court, which sworn to under the penalty of perjury, that your spouse was served. If you are party to the divorce, then you cannot personally serve your spouse.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can I get an Uncontested Divorce? by Brooklyn Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

I am an I Uncontested Divorce Lawyer with an office in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York City. Prior to making the determination of whether you are eligible for an Uncontested Divorce, you have to consider many issues.

1. Do you need an Order of Protection to help keep you safe from your spouse after the divorce?
2. Do you need continued financial support (maintenance) from your spouse after the divorce?
3. Do you need health insurance?
4. If you and your spouse owned things together and/or owe money together, how should the property and debts be divided in the divorce?
5. Does your spouse have a pension or other financial retirement plan? Can you share in it if you divorce?
6. If you have children, have you decided the issues of custody, visitation and child support?

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